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Installation & Maintenance

Awning/Casement Installation Guides

Window Installation Guide

Exterior Brickmould Installation Guide

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Picture/Direct Set Installation Guides

Window Installation Guide

Exterior Brickmould Installation Guide

Picture Window Onsite Glazing

Double/Single Hung Installation Guides

Window Installation Guide

Double Hung Window Installation Guide

Swinging Terrace Door Installation Guides

Swinging Door Installation Guide

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Sliding Patio Installation Guides

Sliding Patio Door Installation Guide

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Loewen Certified Service

Loewen maintains a network of skilled Certified Service Technicians in all areas where our product is distributed. Please use our Dealer Locator or call us at 1.800.563.9367 to find a Dealer near you. Loewen representatives are carefully chosen and are required to undergo rigorous and specific training on the Loewen campus before they are permitted to perform service, repair and warranty work. Our advanced online parts catalog enables dealers to order exact replacement parts in a timely fashion.

Installation, Finishing, and Care

Even though Loewen windows and doors are crafted to last a lifetime, improper installation can compromise their integrity. Here are some guides and videos with tips for installing, finishing and caring for your Loewen products.

Whether Douglas Fir or Mahogany, metal clad or bare wood, your Loewen windows and doors will require finishing and basic care to maintain their rich detail for years to come. Learn how to care for your windows and doors and get the most out of your products here.